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Reflections on Abbot Anderson’s “Paradise Lost”

Reflections on Abbot Anderson's "Paradise Lost"

Learn from his fatherly wisdom Abbot Anderson was invited to speak to the Pope John Paul II Forum about the spiritual teaching of both St. Benedict and Pope

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Veritatis splendor – morality and the new evangelization

A renewal of morality is a key part of the new evangelization. The new evangelization aims in part at reviving the faith of those who have fallen away

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Veritatis splendor – Christ, the martyrs and the moral life

Veritatis splendor - Christ, the martyrs and the moral life

The complexity and weight of the moral law contrasted with the increase of power and the allurement of freedom sets up a tough challenge for the Christian approach

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Veritatis splendor – the natural law as a moral law

It is one thing to affirm the general notion of fundamental human goods, such as life, procreation and family, sociability, truth, beauty, God — it is another thing

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Veritatis splendor – goods of human flourishing as the basis for natural law

In the Republic Plato shows Socrates at work educating two young men about the nature of justice. Glaucon and Adiemantus wished for Socrates to prove to them that

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Saving Private Ryan and the Splendor of Truth

Saving Private Ryan, the Spielberg movie about World War II, bears an affinity to the structure and meaning of Veritatis splendor we have recently discussed. I would not

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Veritatis splendor: The Rich Young Man yesterday and today

At the outset of Veritatis splendor John Paul II expounds on the Gospel encounter between the rich young man and Christ (Mt 19:16) The young man asks Jesus

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Veritatis splendor – purpose and structure

In the opening of Veritatis splendor, §4, Pope John Paul II says that he intends to reflect on whole of moral life because of distortions in moral thinking

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Veritatis splendor — conscience as sanctuary

I would like to begin some meditations on John Paul’s Veritatis splendor. The document is very dense — and its structure is very important. But I wish to

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