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Workshop 8: Vatican II and enrichment of faith

In session 8 of the summer workshop, Waldstein spoke about Wojtyla’s account of Vatican II in his book Sources of Renewal.  Find Waldstein’s chapter here. “The implementation of

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Workshop (7) A Primordial Sacrament – The Heart of the Matter

In the seventh workshop Dr. Waldstein reached the goal, the heart of the matter, for understanding the theology of the body. It is the astounding and exhilarating idea

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Workshop (6) c- The Freedom and Beauty of the Gift

The thrid and last of the series on the spousal meaning of the body, selected by Dr Waldstein to display the heart of the teaching on the Theology

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Workshop (6) b- The Spousal Meaning of the Body, con.

John Paul II, at the audience of January 9, 198, said that he body is a “witness” to the the gift character of existence and to reciprocal giving:

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Workshop (6) – The Spousal Meaning of the Body

At long last we get to the theology of the body. Dr. Waldstein leads us to the basic concept of the spousal meaning of the body and the

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Workshop (4) – TOB as a “deadly blow” against Cartesianism

Workshop (4) -  TOB as a "deadly blow" against Cartesianism

“If God saw that everything was very good, goodness must really reside in things, which strikes a deadly blow into the very heart of the Cartesian philosophical presuppositions

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Workshop (3) – The Main Thesis of Theology of the Body

Waldstein discusses the main thesis of the theology of the body on pages 204-206 of Logos and Glory. The beauty and the sacredness of the human body are

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Workshop (2) – On Logos and Glory

Waldstein explained his method and purpose in the second session of the workshop.  The purpose of his work on theology of the body brought to the workshop (and

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Workshop (1) – Gaudium et spes 24.3

Throughout the workshop Dr. Waldstein humorously told the audience that he tells his class the answer to any question on the exam is “Gaudium et spes 24.3.” Well,

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Waldstein’s Workshop on Theology of the Body

Waldstein's Workshop on Theology of the Body

Last week Dr. Michael Waldstein conducted a workshop on Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body. I would like to share a few of the highlights of

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