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The Houston Chronicle — Anti-Catholicism Redux

The Houston Chronicle -- Anti-Catholicism Redux

Zola accuses the French Republic of anti-Semitism The Houston Chronicle published a chirpy little piece on the Kennedy speech by a professor Brian Kaylor, “Kennedy speech eloquently balanced

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Realism: Dodging the quesion of conscience

“I will make my decision in accordance with what my conscience tells me is in the national interest and without regard to external religious pressures or dictates.”  Kennedy,

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Rick Santorum and the Vitality of Faith and Reason

Yesterday former Senator Rick Santorum spent the better part of the afternoon and the evening at the University of St. Thomas as a speaker for the Pope John

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Maritain on Unity of Person

Author of Integral Humanism In a previous post I quoted Theodore White (The Making of the President 1960) who praised John F. Kennedy because he “had for the

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The Curious Case of JFK and Fr. Murray, SJ

Attempted to correct the Kennedy error The Kennedy team sought the advice of Jesuit John C. Murray (Casey mentions it in his book, The Making of a Catholic

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The Sources of Conscience: The Central Obscurity of the Kennedy Speech

The Kennedy speech needs to be read and criticized because the event and the speech are put forward as the turning point for Catholics in the United States.

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What the Kennedy Speech Obscured

On September 12, 1960 John F. Kennedy gave a speech to a gathering of protestant ministers in Houston, Texas. (The text of the speech may be found here.

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