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The character of Anna, in Act II of the The Jeweler’s Shop, displays the contemporary understanding of love and relationships;  no doubt men and women have always had

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Advent — Newman and Wojtyla

Advent -- Newman and Wojtyla

Advent is upon us.  Last year I reviewed a number of Newman’s sermons during the Advent season (see first review  here). Today, I returned to the sermons again.

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More pictures from recent production of the Jeweler’s Shop

More pictures from recent production of the Jeweler's Shop

Act 1: Andrew (John Strickland) and Theresa (Autumn Clack) Act 2: Anna (Katy Burns) Act 2: Chorus “You have not changed” Act 3: Christopher (Alex Ozburn) & Monica (Leah

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Introduction to Performance of Jeweler’s Shop

Introduction to Performance of Jeweler's Shop

Anna (Katy Burns) and Adam (Jonathon Colunga)  in the Jeweler’s Shop When Karol Wojtyla was elected Pope in 1978 the whole world became his stage. But he never

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Taborski on the role of the Jeweler

The Jeweler seems to stand for Divine Providence, for the power of moral judgment. The wedding rings, which he does not so much sell as dispense and which

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Krzysztof Dybciak on the Jeweler’s Shop (1980)

Polish thinkers always have been willing to express themselves in literary forms of communication. Our greatest thinkers are writers: poets, novelists, essayists, authors of political works. . .

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Grol-Prokopczyk’s Review of the Jeweler’s Shop (1981)

Besides satisfying the general curiosity about Pope John Paul II’s (Karol Wojtyla’s) play writing, “The Jewelers Shop,” subtitled “A Meditation on the Sacrament of Matrimony, Passing on Occasion

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Czerwinski’s Review of The Jeweler’s Shop (1988)

 Kotlarczyk’s Rhapsodic Theater was the crucible where the future pope’s beliefs were tested. Wojtyla championed the cause of the “theater of the Word,” whose chief concern, as Boleslaw

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Taborski on Wojtyla’s Drama

Taborski on Wojtyla's Drama

Boleslaw Taborski 1927-2010 The definitive edition in English of Wojtyla’s plays is still The Collected Plays and Writings on the Theater, translated and with introductions by Boleslaw Taborski

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“Rhapsodic theater” – how to suit action to word

"Rhapsodic theater" - how to suit action to word

In 1961 Karol Wojtyla wrote The Jeweler’s Shop; he was Archbishop of Krakow, but he continued to take an interest in theater and in creative expression of important

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