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“Masses on earth and prayers in heaven”

"Masses on earth and prayers in heaven"

Flyer for performance of Elgar’s Gerontius for Papal visit to England 2010 I make this posting this evening because an elderly priest, a very dear man and a

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Gerontius, the third demon — agnosticism

As the third cluster of demons assault Gerontius, we find yet again an attempt to undermine faith and love of God and a disposition of mind that we

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On the demons in Gerontius

A scholar, Robert Carballo, writes on the demons as follows “The demons’ incoherent diction and syntax reflect the traditional Christian teaching about infernal chaos, but occasionally Newman allows

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Newman’s Gerontius — The second Demon — Naturalism

Newman's Gerontius -- The second Demon -- Naturalism

St Benedict saved from the poison “But, when some child of grace, Angel or Saint, Pure and upright in his integrity Of nature, meets the demons on their

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The First Demon in Gerontius – Rationalism

In the Dream of Gerontius (1865) three demons approach the soul of Gerontius. Each demon proclaims an attitude that would gather the souls for hell, but the attitude

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Newman’s essential truth and his life long battle

Newman's essential truth and his life long battle

Simply to His grace and wholly      Light and life and strength belong, And I love, supremely, solely,      Him the holy, Him the strong —   Dream of

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