Love and Responsibility


Love and Responsibility

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Discover the authentic meaning of human love.

Originally published in Polish in 1960, Love and Responsibility is the first book written by Karol Wojtyla. This translation by Grzegorz Ignatik, a native Polish speaker, is based on a 2001 final revision by Pope John Paul II. It is expanded to include his 1974 article entitled “On the Meaning of Spousal Love.” Whether you are a fan of John Paul II, a Theology of the Body enthusiast, a seminarian, a professor, a student, or a reader who enjoys philosophy and theology, you will find this translation to be rich in authenticity and accessibility. Footnotes provide comprehensive information on language nuances, key terms are defined, and Latin words and phrases are translated.

In this classic work, you are given a window into the meaning of human love through a philosophical approach that reflects Catholic social thought and teaching. Drawing upon morality and ethics, Karol Wojtyla explores sexuality and marriage in the context of human dignity. Seen through the lens of love as a reciprocal relation of persons, this work lays the foundations for Theology of the Body. You will discover that through upholding this principle of reciprocity-in your relationships with spouses, family members, friends, companions, and neighbors-you canlove responsibly, attaining love that is truer and more fulfilling.

“This new translation of Love and Responsibility, based on Pope John Paul II’s revisions and with the addition of an important later article, is a major achievement. The translator is to be congratulated for his clear and faithful text as well as for his wonderfully thoughtful notes.”
-David L. Schindler, Dean Emeritus and Gagnon Professor of Fundamental Theology, Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family at The Catholic University of America

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