P.A.S.T.A. Conference Papers

Plenary Papers:

Rocco Buttiglione: “The Political Praxis of Karol Wojtyla and St. Thomas Aquinas”

The Most Reverend Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, Bishop of Vescovia: “The Beatitudes: Pope Francis’ Programme”

Contributed Papers:

Juan J. Álvarez Álvarez: “The future of Western Civilization according to Jacques Maritain”

John Boyer & Geoffrey Meadows: “Thomas Aquinas: Teacher of Transhumanity?”

Richard J. Dougherty: “St. Thomas Aquinas on the Acquisition of Knowledge”

Elizabeth Froula: “Defining Dignity in Catholic Social Thought”

Jeffrey Froula: “The Passions—Some Key Thomistic Distinctions”

James M. Jacobs: “Freedom, Justice, and the Authoritative Nature of Marriage”

Brian Kemple: “Wojtyla: Nature, Person, and Teleology”

John F. X. Knasas: “Aquinas on a General Knowledge of God Possessed by Most People”

Paul Kucharski: “What Does It Mean to Be “Incommunicable” and Why Does It Matter?”




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