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Talk Show on Crossing the Threshold of Hope

On Radio Maria Dr John Hittinger and Father Joseph Howard Beginning on March 21 — Saturday morning at 10:00 am Fr Joseph Howard and Dr John Hittinger will […]

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Religious Freedom, John Paul the Great, and American National Interests

Dr. Thomas Farr Publications on religious freedom and national security: [Widow’s Torment] | [Task Force Series] [Video of Dr. Farr’s Speech] | [Text of Dr. Farr’s Speech] Thomas F. Farr (visit Dr. […]

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PAMPHLET on The Role of Faith in Public Life

After Kennedy – Pamphlet available from the JP2 Forum Honorable Rick J. Santorum & Archbishop Chaput Former Senator Rick Santorum gave a talk on the role of faith […]

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Creation and the University: Educating for Human Ecology

Mr. Stratford Caldecott Stratford Caldecott is the chief editor of Second Spring Journal and Sophia Institute Press for the Thomas More College of Liberal Arts , and directs the College’s Center for Faith and […]

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