“Sign of Contradiction” – Fortieth Anniversary of Cardinal Wojtyla’s Preaching of the Vatican Lenten Retreat

Caption reads: "Pope John Paul II was the guest of The Catholic University of America for two days in July 1976 when he was touring the United States in conjunction with the meeting of the Eucharistic Congress in Philadelphia. The then Polish Cardinal Karol Wojtyla, Archbishop of Crawcow, lectured at CUA on the "Use and Abuse of Freedom." He returns to The Catholic University of America on October 7 as the supreme Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church. (For further information please contact Suzanne Nelson, director of Public Relations, 202-635-5600.)"

On March 7 to March 12 1976 Cardinal Wojtyla preached the Lenten retreat for Pope Paul VI and the Papal household. The title of the retreat talks are “sign of Contradiction.” He said to the Pope that the Church’s activities and those of the Supreme Pontiff’s in particular, often become a sign of contradiction.” This too shows that her mission is that of Christ, who continues to be a sign of contradiction. Humanae vitae he mentions explicitly as under attack by the “anti-Gospel lobby” joined by opposition from within “christian and humanistic circles. He told the Pope that “we are on the front line in a lively battle for the dignity of man.”

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