Weigel Talk at STHS (Map included)

Sunday, February 12 Cemo Auditorium, St Thomas HS George Weigel

 020912sthsGeorge Weigel will speak on “Blessed and Pope Benedict XVI: Two Popes, One Mission” at St Thomas High School, 4500 Memorial Drive, Houston, TX, February 12, 2012, 6pm at Cemo Auditorium This event is FREE and OPEN to the public. Come one and all!


Monday, February 13   Breakfast
Have breakfast with George Weigel and continue conversations from the previous evening. Breakfast will be served in the Little Gallery on the campus at the University of St. Thomas. Seating is limited. This is a fund raising event for the special conference we are organizing for the Pontifical Academy of . $100 donation. You can reserve your spot at the breakfast by clicking here here.

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