PAMPHLET on The Role of Faith in Public Life

After Kennedy – Pamphlet available from the JP2 Forum Honorable Rick J. Santorum & Archbishop Chaput

Former Senator Rick Santorum gave a talk on the role of faith in public life. We produced a pamplet with the text of the Kennedy Speech and the speeches givwen by Archbishop Chaput and Senator Santorum. Forum director John Hittinger wrote an introduction. The cost of the pamphlet is $5.00 plus $1.00 for shipping. Sign up to order a copy. An invoice will be sent with the pamphlet.

[text of Santorum’s speech] [Video of Santorum’s speech] [text of Kennedy’s speech]

The following are articles from The Philadelphia Inquirer written by Senator Santorum:

Two years worth every tear, an article on fatherhood.
Boldly defending marriage, on politicians weakness in defending marriage against court rulings.
No Way to Preach Tolerance, on the persecution of same-sex marriage opponents in California.

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