On Blessed John Paul II and St. Edith Stein

Professor Angela Bello

Angela Ales Bello is an Italian philosopher, founder and director of the Italian Center of phenomenological research with headquarters in Rome. Professor Bello is specialist in the phenomenology of Husserl; she also studied other authors of the phenomenological school, especially German ones, and among these, the thought of women philosophers that have formed inside the so-called Circle of Göttingen , including Edith Stein, of which Ales Bello is one of the most important specialists. She is alo an expert on Hedwig Conrad-Martius. Dr. Ales Bello edited the complete edition of the works of Edith Stein in Italian. She has published essays and articles on specialized phenomenological thought. She teaches at the Pontifical Lateran University in Rome, in the Faculty of Philosophy; she served as dean until 2002. Dr Bello has been a visiting professor at several foreign universities.

She recently published, “Edmund Husserl and Edith Stein: The Question of the Human Subject,” in American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly (2008) 82 (1):143-159.

ABSTRACT: “The goal of this article is to analyze the way in which Edith Stein describes the human subject throughout her research, including her phenomenological phaseand the period of her Christian philosophy. In order to do this, I trace essential moments in Husserl’s philosophy, showing both Stein’s reliance upon Husserl andher originality. Both thinkers believe that an analysis of the human being can be carried out by examining consciousness and its lived experiences. Through suchan examination Stein arrives at the same conclusion as Husserl, namely, that the human subject is formed of body, psyche, and spirit (Geist). Stein’s originalityconsists in a further development of the complexity of the human being. She maps this out, providing detailed analyses of the I, the soul, the spirit, and, ultimately,the person. She makes use of medieval philosophical anthropology, including that of and Augustine of Hippo.”

Angela Ales Bello’s research is directed towards the German Phenomenology in relationship to other contemporary philosophical currents according to a historical and theoretical approach.

Among her books on Husserl: Husserl and the Sciences (1986), Husserl and the Problem of God (1985), Cultures and Religions (1997), General Principles of Phenomenology in Phenomenology World-Wide edited by A.T. Tymineniecka “Analecta Husserliana” vol. LXXX, Kluwer Academic Publisher 2002; on  Edith Stein, Gerda Walther and Hedwig Conrad Martius: Phenomenology of Human Being – Outlines of feminine Philosophy (1992), Edith Stein – The Passion for Truth (2000), Edith Steins Contribution to Phenomenology and Hedwig Conrad-Martius and the Phenomenology of Nature in (2002 “Analecta Husserliana” vol. LXXX).

Her last books are The Universe in the Consciousness. Introduction to the Phenomenology of Edmund  Husserl, Edith Stein, Hedwig Conrad-Martius  (2007); The Divine in Husserl and other Explorations, (Springer, 2009);  Edith Stein – On Harmony (2010).

She is the co-editor of the Italian translation of Edith Stein’s works (Città Nuova Publisher, Rome).

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