Christianity in American Political Life

Catholic mission and identity in Catholic Higher Education The implications of current health care initiatives for Catholic medical professionals Archbishop Charles J. Chaput

Chaput-sIn March 2009, Dr. Hittinger presented the Stafford Lectures at the St John Vianney Seminary, Denver Colorado, at the invitation of Archbishop Charles Chaput. During his stay, Dr Hittinger and Archbishop Chaput discussed a possible visit to Houston as part of the new Pope Forum for the Church in the Modern World. The Forum was made possible through a donation by the Strake Foundation. Charles Bacarisse happen to mention to Mr. George Strake that some people at Houston Baptist University admired Archbishop Chaput for his courageous witness to Christian principle in the public sphere. So a plan was made for the Archbishop to visit Houston to talk at Houston Baptist University and at the University of St. Thomas.
On Monday evening, March 1, Archbishop Chaput was hosted by Dr. and Mrs. Robert Sloan at the President’s House on the HBU campus. He then gave a talk in the Morris Cultural Arts Center’s Dunham Theater. Archbishop Chaput’s lecture was entitled “Christianity in American Political Life.” In the speech, the Archbishop commemorated the fiftieth anniversary of President John F Kennedy’s visit to Houston (August 1960) to explain how he, as a Catholic, would relate his faith to public life. Archbishop Chaput indicated some of the problems with the position taken by Kennedy and proposed a more nuanced view about how Catholics should engage public affairs. The lecture was followed by a question and answer session featuring questions submitted by the audience. After the lecture he met with members of audience in the Morris Center’s McNair Hall and toured the Dunham Bible Museum, viewing its extensive collection of rare Bibles.

On the following day the Archbishop presented two talks for UST. The first talk, on Catholic mission and identity in Catholic Higher Education, was presented on the UST campus to faculty and students (click here for video).

The second talk was entitled “The implications of current health care initiatives for Catholic medical professionals.”It was presented at the Hilton Houston Plaza Medical Center as the Archbishop J. Michael Miller Catholic Studies Lecture sponsored by the John W. and Alida Considine Foundation. Sister Paula Jean Miller, FSE, Professor, Catholic Studies, University of St. Thomas coordinated the event.

“Christianity in American Political Life” [pdf] | video

Catholic mission and identity in Catholic Higher Education [pdf] | video

“The implications of current health care initiatives for Catholic medical professionals” [pdf]

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