Aquinas and JP2 On the Holy Spirit

Jeremy Wilkins

Jeremy Wilkins is Associate Professor of Theology at Regis College, the Jesuit faculty of theology at the University of Toronto.

He has published, Why Are There Two Divine Missions? The Development of a Tradition in Augustine, Aquinas, and Lonergan in Irish Theological Quarterly

He is  Director of the Lonergan Research Institute, the centre for the production of Lonergan’s Collected Works and home to his literary estate. Wilkins has published numerous articles in books and journals, includingTheological StudiesThe Thomist, Pro Ecclesia, Irish Theological Quarterly, and American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly. He is co-editor of two volumes in Lonergan’s Collected Works: The Incarnate Word and The Redemption, both forthcoming from the University of Toronto Press in Latin-English editions. Prior to his present position, he was eight years on the faculty of the University of St Thomas School of Theology in Houston.

Dr Wilkins will be commenting upon the Homily by St on Pentecost. You may find it here.

For Saint ‘s encyclical on the Holy Spirit, find here: The Lord and Giver of Life.

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