Our Lady of Mt Carmel

Our Lady of Mt Carmel

Statue of Pope John Paul II at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel 

Catholic Church Wyandotte Michigan

Blessed on as a Model of Faith and Mother of the Church

In his retreat for the Papal Household (Sign of Contradiction) Blessed John Paul II offered to Pope Paul VI his meditations on the mysteries of the holy rosary. For the Visitation he reflected on the Polish custom of taking the icon of our Lady of Czestochowa from parish to parish. Each group would receive the icon and say “Blessed is the fruit of the womb, Jesus,” and “Why is it granted to me that the Mother of my Lord should visit me.” Thus John Paul recollected that: “We take Mary into each parish, into each community of the People of God, as the one who was the first of all believers, the one who guides the People of God on its pilgrimage of faith, in the words of Vatican II.” (39) 

Mary is at the front of the pilgrimage of faith. John Paul II wrote in the Apostolic Letter, Novo millennio ineunte, “At the beginning
of this new century, our steps must quicken…. On this journey we are
accompanied by the Blessed Virgin Mary to whom …… I entrusted the Third
Millennium” (no. 58)

The scapular of is a good token to remember and practice the presence of MAry on the journey to Christ. Blessed John Paul II said to the family of Carmel:

“Generations of Carmelites, from the
beginnings up to today, in their journey towards the ‘holy mountain,
Jesus Christ Our Lord’ (Roman Missal, Collect for the Mass in honour of
the BVM of Mt. Carmel, 16 July), have sought to model their lives after
the example of Mary. For this reason, contemplation of the
Blessed Virgin flourishes in Carmel and in every soul moved by a tender
affection towards Her who is our most holy Mother. From the very
beginning, she knew how to be open to the Word of God and obedient to
God’s will (Lk.2,19.51). Mary, who was educated and formed by the Spirit
(cf. Lk. 2,44-50), was able to read her own life experience in the
light of faith (cf. Lk. 1, 46-55). She was docile to the divine
promptings and ‘advanced in her pilgrimage of faith, and loyally
persevered in her union with her Son unto the cross. There she stood in
keeping with the divine plan (cf. Jn. 19,25), suffering grievously with
her only-begotten Son. There she united herself with a maternal heart to
His sacrifice’ (Lumen gentium, 58).”

From his message to the Carmelite family, 2001 (found here

“Mother, accept us! Mother, do not abandon us! Mother, be our guide!” Farewell Address at Jasna Gora Shrine 6 June 1979


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