Second anniversary

Second anniversary
The Blessing of the Forum (May 1 2011)
Mitchell Thomas, Charles Stewart, Sr. Mary Roberta Connors, FSE, Fr. Robert Crooker, CSB,
John Hittinger, Sr. Damien Marie Savino, FSE, Jessi Caruthers, Steven Meyer

March 31 marks the second anniversary of this blog, “Reflections on the Philosopher Pope.” I again wish to thank my readers and all friends and supporters of the Pope John Paul II Forum. As for the blog, this entry marks the 400th post. I have stalled out in the last few months. I first spoke about this blog as an attempt to swim out to the reef where reason meets faith. (See it here)  Swimming is an exhausting endeavor. But having rested some, I may plunge back in the surf. 

The Pope John Paul II Forum has no precise date for its anniversary. We did reach a milestone this year, an official blessing of the work on the first anniversary of the beatification of John Paul II. The picture shows the John Paul II Forum advisory group with Fr Crooker at our office, not far off-campus near the University of St Thomas, Houston, Texas. We later celebrated Mass for Divine Mercy and sponsored a talk on the Marian devotion of John Paul II (see  here). This was a high point for our devotion to Blessed John Paul II. 

The Pope John Paul II Forum has been coming into being for a number of years. Born out of many reading groups devoted to discussion, workshops expounding the intricacies of encyclicals, speakers illuminating the ideas of John Paul II — the Pope John Paul II Forum pursues this mission: “To promote the understanding of the thought of Pope John Paul II and to develop his legacy as it forms and equips the Church for the new evangelization.” Many institutions have helped me to nurture an organization for this mission: the College of St Francis (Joliet), St. Mary’s College at Orchard Lake, and the University of St. Thomas. Grants from Our Sunday Visitor (at St Mary’s Orchard Lake) and the Strake Foundation (at UST) have been important to launching such ventures. .

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