More pictures from recent production of the Jeweler’s Shop

Act 1: Andrew (John Strickland) and Theresa (Autumn Clack)

Act 2: Anna (Katy Burns)

Act 2: Chorus “You have not changed”
Act 3: Christopher (Alex Ozburn) & Monica (Leah Englund)

Chorus leaders: Left, Katherine Rinaldi; right, Sara Kumar; Leah Englund in center

Back: John Strickland (Andrew), John Hittinger (Producer), Jake Schaafs (Lights), Guy Schaafs (Director), Katherine Rinaldi (Chorus)
Front: Alex Ozburn (Christopher), Katy Burns (Anna), Autumn Clack (Theresa), Leah Englund (Monica), Sara Kumar (Chorus)
Upfront: Jonathon (Jeweler & Adam)


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