Photos of Episcopal Ordination of Karol Wojtyla

Photos of Episcopal Ordination of Karol Wojtyla

Episcopal ordination of Karol Wojtyla, Krakow 1958

I found these pictures on the web; they were part of a traditionalist website

Some people on that website assert that these pictures make it very difficult for them to understand how Wojtyla accepted the Novus ordo; one even goes so far as to say it is only understandable as one could understand denials of Peter and Judas. Oh my. Why do these Catholics not heed their shepherd Benedict XVI who speaks of the hermeneutic of continuity? or listen to Blessed himself who says that Vatican II is a gift of the Holy Spirit to the Church? Bishops are still ordained as Bishops. Archbishop Chaput was ordained a Bishop in the new rite — did it detract from him or lessen the charism of his office? That is absurd.


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