Education and persons

is a creative activity with persons as its only possible object — only a person can be educated, an animal can only be trained — and also one which uses entirely human material, all that is by nature present in the human being to be educated is material for the educators, materials which their love must find and mold. This material includes all that which God gives, by supernatural dispensation of his Grace. For he does not leave the work of education, which in a certain sense be called the continuous creation of personality, wholly and entirely to parents but Himself takes part in it, in His own person. For something more than the love of parents was present at the origin of a new person — they were only co-creators; the love of the Creator decided that a new person would come into existence in the mother’s womb. Grace is so to speak the continuation of this work. God himself takes the supreme part in the creation of the human person in the spiritual, moral, strictly supernatural sphere. The parents, though, if they are not to fail in their proper role, that of co-creators, must make their contribution here too.” Karol Wojtyla, Love and Responsibility, p. 56.

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