Authentic Womanhood: A new web resource on Blessed John Paul II

Authentic Womanhood: A new web resource on Blessed John Paul II

A new website and blog, Authentic Womanhood, may be found at the following web address:

This website and blog features Pope ’s thought and writings on “woman.” One of their aims is “for this site to be a ‘green house’ in which those of us endeavoring to become authentic may grow and blossom!” I assume that men will find this site of interest as well, since each man bears responsibility in love to women — spouse, mother, sibling, friend.

Here is a sample from the site relevant to our blog posted earlier this day:

We know that God has revealed himself as a Trinity of Persons: Father Son, and Holy Spirit, in an eternal exchange of love. The Trinity is a communion, a shared relationship, of love. Just as earthly children share similarities with their parents, as God’s children we too, share his similarities. “Man and woman are called to live in a communion of love, and in this way to mirror in the world the communion of love that is in God. Human love finds in Trinitarian love a model of perfect loving and giving” (Address to an International Meeting on the Well Being of Women 6). And so as man and woman are created in the image and likeness of God means they are called to exist “for” others, to become a gift (Mulieris Dignitatem 7). This is a fundamental point in John Paul’s thought, because it is in this gift of self, which so closely resembles the relationality of the Trinity, that women must put to service in renewing the culture. While this concept of self-gift is the nature of both women and men, it is included in this section as a background for the feminine “genius.”

I am delighted to recommend this site to those who wish to deepen their reflections on the Philosopher-Pope in his great initiatives to highlight the special dignity and mission of women. Please spread the word; share with it with your sister, your mother, your spouse, your friend . . ..

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  1. Thank you John, for recommending my site! You are quite right in saying that men may find it of interest too, 'bearing responsibility in love to women'- beautiful! It is in recognizing the image of God imprinted on each other that a cultural renewal for Christ may take place.

    May your work continue to be blessed!

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