Peter Kreeft’s Account of Thomistic Personalism

Peter Kreeft's Account of Thomistic Personalism

In a previous post I mentioned the direction suggested by Cardinal Dinardo regarding the work of the Pope Forum — that we should explore the theme of beauty and the relation of faith and beauty. The Cardinal also recommends that we explore the theme of Thomism and modern philosophy, particularly the and the use of phenomenology by John Paul II.

In conjunction with the  Center for Thomistic Studies, we invited Dr. Peter Kreeft to the campus of the University of St. Thomas to speak on “Thomistic Personalism: A Marriage made in heaven, hell, or Harvard?” (Find it here; a video will soon be posted as well)

We were honored to have this speech given for the 30th annual Aquinas Lecture. I consider his speech to be one of the very best papers I have heard on this topic..

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  1. How interesting. For my Master's thesis I wrote about Humanae Vitae. The influence of personalism, the type found in Gaudium et Spes, is significant.

    John Paul II wrote a paper on Thomist personalism whilst still a lecturer, I think. I have a copy on my desk. It is good, but some scholars say he didn't develop the work he started in this area. The paper, with others of relevance, can be found in a volume called Person and Community.

    In a paper published in Lateranum, 10 years after Humanae Vitae was issued, John Paul II again wrote about the role of personalism in Gaudium et Spes and Humanae Vitae. The impact could have been enriched had it been Thomistic personalism that was used.

    However, Janet E. Smith has drawn out more from Humanae Vitae by revisting the personalism of Love and Responsibility. She even re-translated her version of Humanae Vitae in 2008.

    I will certainly be looking into Kreeft's talk. Thanks for posting about this.

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