A Christmas Carol, Merry Christmas

A Christmas Carol, Merry Christmas
“Christmas Day! I haven’t missed it!” Alastair Sim as Scrooge (1951)

Celebration of Christmas

            The postscript of a Christmas Carol opens with a statement about the redemption of time – “the time before him was his own, to make amends in.”

“I will live in the past, the present, the future! The Spirits of all three shall strive within me. O Jacob Marley. Heaven and the Christmastime be praised for this! I say it on my knees, old Jacob, on my knees!”

Dickens said he was glowing with good intentions. We shall see the deeds that  accompany true repentance and change of heart. We shall see Scrooge living a new life, according to the pledge, a life according to the spirit of Christ(mas).

He takes a new joy in giving. “I am light as a feather — happy as an angel, merry as a schoolboy, giddy as a drunken man.” He yells out the window “A Merry Christmas to everybody.”

As Augustine said, love is the weight of the soul. Scrooge is flying with the joy of giving. He chuckles with joy at every expenditure. He is playful and friendly. He rejoins the fellowship of others and regains a standing in the community. He fulfills his duties as an uncle – with Fred and his family he experiences “wonderful unanimity.” As an employer, he surprises Bob Cratchit and gives him a raise and assists his family. And most of all, he developed as a human being, as Marley warned him at the outset. “He became a good friend, as good a master, and as good a man as the old city knew.”

Dickens ends on this note:

“As Tiny Tim said, God Bless Us, Every One!”.

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