St Francis October 3rd Transitus

St Francis October 3rd Transitus

This evening, october 3rd, the Franciscans Sisters of the Eucharist celebrated the Transitus. The following is from a website on St Francis death, the Transitus, celebrated by Franciscans throughout the world  on the eve before his feast:

St. Francis spent the last few days before his death in praising the Lord and teaching his companions whom he loved so much to praise Christ with him.  He himself, in as far as he was able, broke out with the Psalm:  I cry to the Lord with my voice; to the Lord I make loud supplication.  He likewise invited all creatures to praise God and, with the words he had composed earlier, he exhorted them to love God.  Even death itself, considered by all to be so terrible and hateful, was exhorted to give praise, while he himself, going joyfully to meet it, invited it to make its abode with him.  “Welcome,” he said, “my sister death.” Celano Second Life

A video on the website presents the Transitus with text, song, and pictures..

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