Maritain on Catholic Action, part 3

Maritain notes that “the most sincere love risks not performing any good, or even performing a great deal of evil, unless it passes through the Word and through Truth.” The lay apostle must be intellectually formed. This is the work of Maritain’s intellectual life: “An immense and difficult task here imposes itself upon Christian intelligence.  . . the effort must be freed from these myths and errors” such as individualism, original goodness, progress, majoritarianism and the like. The achievements of the modern age must be radically challenged, not to create some new synthesis, but to purify them through Catholic doctrine. Here is a summary of his political philosophy: “the criticism of liberalism must lead to a doctrine of  the pluralistic state, the criticism of  anarchic democracy to a doctrine of an organic and personalist democracy, the criticism of anthropocentrism to a doctrine of integral humanism.” On the positive side, the various sectors must be analyzed through ethics  and the ethical must become theological: “Let us not forget that the social, the economic, and the political, are intrinsically dependent on ethics, and that, by this title, for this formal reason, the social, the political, and the economic, are concerned with eternal life, and therefore with the pastoral ministry of  the Church.”  The Catholic mind must be illuminated by a doctrinal firmament and so relies upon theological wisdom..

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