Evangelicals on Pope John Paul II

“John Paul II, our common teacher, calls us to recognize the splendor of truth and the fullness of life, that luminous presence the New testament calls the glory of God in the face of Christ.” These generous words, by evangelical leader Timothy George, are a fitting conclusion to a remarkable book entitled, The Legacy of John Paul II: An evangelical assessment, edited by Tim Perry  (IVP Press, 2007) (ISBN 978-0-8308-2595-0)

I am in the process of writing a review of this book for the JOURNAL of INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES; I will post it when it is available. Their website is worth exploring; find it here. This journal reflects some important work guided by editor Oskar Gruenwald.

The book under consideration contains a comprehensive collection of in-depth analyses of the major encyclicals of Pope John Paul II by evangelical thinkers. These essays stand as first rate essays on the thought of JP2 and they also provide helpful perspectives, criticism, and reflection on the state of evangelical thought today. It is well worth finding and reading.

The book is not uncritical, but it does show to what a remarkable degree Pope John Paul II has made a deep impression upon the protestant Christian community as well as the Catholic.Timothy George also said “Billy Graham made the comment that the pope was the most significant Christian leader in the last hundred years. I think he’s absolutely right. And what the pope has been able to do is offer a visible, articulate, winsome, attractive, embracing face to world Christianity.” See his interview on JP2 here..

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