The endurance of the Faith in Münich

The endurance of the Faith in Münich

In 1980 Pope John Paul II visited Munich and spoke at this site, Marienplatz, where this ancient statue of Mary stands between the two city halls, old and new. It provides a point of reference and orientation in more ways than one to the citizens of this fair city.

It is amazing how Munich built up their churches after the war. I found a plaque thanking the American soldiers for liberating Münich in 1945. And as I toured the city I visited many of the churches in the city, each on which was utterly demolished in 1944-1945 often by American bombs. But each was slowly and painstakingly built again rising from the ashes of defeat. The Cathedral, Mariakirche, is prominent of course, but so is a Dominican church, St Cajetans and a Jesuit church, St Michaels. And I should not forget the impressive baroque achievement of St Peters.

All the churches were filled with worshippers and visitors on a Friday afternoon. The churches of Munich are a testimony both to their civic mindedness and their piety.

Grüss Gott!!.

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