A Statement of Purpose: Sowing Seeds of Truth

A Statement of Purpose: Sowing Seeds of Truth

The Pope John Paul II Forum is an educational venture, exploring and communicating the legacy of Pope John Paul II. In the document on Christian Education the Council Fathers said “The Christian outlook should acquire a public, stable and universal influence in the whole process of the promotion of higher culture.” (GE §10) John Paul II said in Gift and Mystery that this apostolate to culture was always a top priority of his, along with his concern for the family: “In my own life I have identified these priorities in the lay apostolate and pastoral care of the family . . . and in serious dialogue with the world of learning and culture.” (90)

The Catholic university is one way that the Christian outlook can acquire a public and stable influence. Its influence will be universal only through the formation of laity for apostolate in all areas of life, society and culture. The role of the John Paul II Forum is to be an agency ready to respond with ideas, personal presence, and grass roots initiatives for the enrichment of faith. Pope John Paul II said in his book on Sources of Renewal (1972/79) that “enrichment of faith” is the principle and postulate for the implementation of Vatican II. Is it not time for entrepreneurs of the spirit and ideas to step forward? We are not for profit, relying on what Maritain calls the “poor temporal means” but still “beggars for heaven.” We cannot bury our talents in the ground, but we must use them, trade with them, increase them so that we can give a proper account to the Lord when he returns.

We want to work for that enrichment of faith through this forum by:
– teaching the teachers in College and High School in the ways of faith and reason
– gathering students with inspiring teachers formed in the ways of faith and reason
– teaching the Catholic professionals in Houston (and beyond)

And here is what we shall always teach —

  1. The importance of both faith and reason in coming to know the truth
  2. The high dignity and eternal destiny of the human person
  3. The reality of God in all things and above all things
  4. The objective basis of morality in natural law and the full human good

These four truths are the seeds of renewal to be sown in all fields of human education, work, and culture. Our aspiration in setting forth the Pope John Paul II Forum is to deepen our knowledge of and find applications for the fundamentals concerning the way to truth, the human person, God, and the Good..

Join us!

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