On Consecrated Life, part 2

I was reminded by my friends at Clare House, the residence of the Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist at the University of St. Thomas, that the Vatican issued a letter on consecrated life that was issued months after Chaplain William Dillon, SA wrote his reflections. It is entitled “Faciem Tuam, Domine, Requiram, The Service of Authority and Obedience,” from the Congregation For Institutes Of Consecrated Life And Societies Of Apostolic Life (May 2008).

My friends also reminded me that each religious order experienced the changes following Vatican II in different ways; the FSE community managed to make a smoother transition to renewal and reform than did Father Dillon’s order. You may visit their website here; and see their community and role at UST here.

And as I think about it, here are some other religious communities who live the renewal of Vatican II, in continuity with their charism.

The Religious Sisters of Mercy Sisters, Alma
Nashville Dominicans (Dominican Sisters of St Cecelia)
Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist
Our Lady of the Annunciation Benedictines, Clear Creek Oklahoma

I know there are many other religious communities who witness to the new evangelization called for by Pope John Paul II — of these communities I have personal knowledge through friendships and visits.

I should also mention that my brother reports to me that on Saturday Clear Creek celebrated the installation of a new abbot, following the canonical erection of Clear Creek as an Abbey sui juris on the feastday of Saint Scholastica in February. This is a tremendous day for the Church and the Benedictines. Congratulations to Bishop Slattery (Diocese of Tulsa) and the Benedictines at Clear Creek!

Investiture ceremony, hommage, Abbot of Solesmes, etc.


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